Live Programs

  • Available for 1/2 day and full day on-site training
  • Available for 1 - hour talks to industry organizations

Most Popular

  • "Poor Communication, A Major Cause for Ineffective Project Teams"
  • "When You Change the Way You Think, The Things You Think About Change"
  • "From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed" 
  • "Idea/Mind Mapping for Success"
  • "Communicating Across Generations" 


Customized programs based on needs assessment.

Rave Reviews


"Outstanding period of instruction. Instructor was knowledge and motivating." 

Jerome S.

- Manager  TACOM Life Cycle Management Command


"Very helpful - great resources. Lisa kept everyone on track but also let us share when appropriate. Very good personal stories and good information." 

Amy K.
​-Supervisor  Michigan State University


“Absolutely wonderful instructor, very knowledgeable.”

Samor S.
Program Manager - Bosch Automotive